Laupahoehoe Phenocam – Click above to learn more about the latest picture taken by the phenocam on the HIPPNET weather tower in Laupahoehoe, updated several times a day. The camera is part of a global PhenoCam network, hosted by Harvard University.



The PhenoCam Network was initiated in order to provide automated, near-surface remote sensing of canopy phenology. Images from these high-resolution digital cameras are uploaded to the PhenoCam server every half hour. Canopy greenness indices can be developed from these images. Canopy greenness indices can provide information about the amount of foliage present, and its color. In this way, image analysis of archived digital camera images provides an objective means by which canopy phenology can be monitored and quantified, at relatively low cost and with minimal personnel expenses, without the need for a human observer.

The network now includes cameras located across North America, from Alaska to Florida and from Hawaii to Maine. The Hawaii site at Laupāhoehoe can be found here: